Francesca Ghini
Artistic director of contemporary art
Ceo of Circo Bianco


Francesca Ghini aims to excel in directing and supervising staff within major Italian and international companies, overseeing the casting and production of theatrical shows, and effectively managing rehearsal schedules and logistics. She is also adept at handling budgets allocated to show production. Francesca is driven to evoke emotions through collaborative teamwork, leveraging her extensive field experience to navigate complex and intricate situations that demand expertise, punctuality, attentiveness, determination, and artistic talent.


Francesca Ghini is an accomplished executive producer of the “Circo Bianco” brand and an artistic director specializing in contemporary art and circus. With over 15 years of experience, she has successfully organized, produced, and directed a wide range of shows, including contemporary circus theater productions, thematic performances, and dinner shows. Francesca’s remarkable artistic and organizational talents enable her to create and customize each show to suit specific contexts or meet individual client requirements. She meticulously analyzes budgets and venue possibilities to ensure the success of every production.

In addition to her work in artistic direction, Francesca has an impressive track record of producing and directing various shows. Notable examples include

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